Who It’s For


Technology startup founders are pushed to gain venture funding to accelerate to internet scale as fast as possible. Yet this strategy is very risky because it depends on many aspects going according to plan, including access to capital, the rapid growth of the team, and a favourable market. In these unpredictable times, this means too many things can go wrong.


Why It’s Time


Many startups with innovative technological solutions do not meet the criteria for conventional venture capital funding. Yet these startups can add real value to markets.


How It Works


By following a more appropriate scaling strategy, bootstrapped startups can grow into sustainable, profitable and value-generating businesses which can influence and even lead their markets.


Is It Right for You?


Momentum Scaling is a strategy framework emphasizing customer partnerships to support initial growth. This approach provides a roadmap to develop the credibility, capability and cashflow to take your technology into the world and build a business of which you can be proud.